Gequip has developed an alternative to coalescing filters used to remove lube oil or many other contaminants out of a natural gas stream.  Our design has been proven successful over the past 20 years and is now commercially available in three stock sizes for flow-rates up to 20 MMSCFD. Custom-sized units are available for flow-rates in excess of 20 MMSCFD

The design features many advantages to the conventional filters that are commonly used today.  These features include:

1.  Low cost unit as compared to conventional filter separators.

2.  Simple design offers 99+% recovery of lube oil or other liquid contaminants in natural gas streams.

3.  Total pressure drop through the scrubber is negligible (generally less than 1 psi).

4.  No filter elements to change, therefore, this unit is very economical to operate.

5.  Particle sizes removed at normal temperatures are:

  •     3.0 µ    to   30 µ    decile         99.7%

  •     0.3 µ    to   3.0 µ    decile         64%

Lube oil particle sizes experienced in the industry are normally greater than 3.0µ .  Therefore you can expect to remove virtually 100% of any lube oil entrained in your natural gas stream.

6.  Inline design offers economical installation cost.

7.  The unit should normally be set up with a sight glass for visual inspection of liquids produced.  It can also be equipped with an automated dump valve if there is excessive liquid production, so the unit will drain itself as often as necessary.  Also, a heating coil can be installed in the boot for viscous or waxy fluids.

8.  Gequip offers a money back guarantee if stock sized units do not work to customer's satisfaction.

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