"After I installed a Gequip Model 816 Scrubber on the discharge line of the plant, I am collecting 3 gallons per day of Compressor Lube Oil and ATCO Gas no longer has an issue with Lube Oil Content or suspected Hydro Carbon Dew Point."
    - Todd Torrens, Lead Operator, Conoco Claresholm Gas Plant. November 2006

"Husky Energy in the Edson area purchased a Lube Oil Scrubber from Gequip to try and stop lube oil from contaminating the glycol in the refrigeration plant. Gequip compiled the information that we provided them on the oil rates for the compressors and the gas flows and designed a unit that has been working very well for us. The construction time and pricing were very reasonable and the unit was delivered to us on time with the appropriate paper work."
    - Shane Imber, Edson Area Foreman, Edson AB

"We have 4 units installed at our Edson Facility.  Our weekly records showed that we were adding approximately 5 liters of lube oil per day to our 3300 Hp units, and we are measuring recoveries of 5.1 liters from the Gequip scrubbers.....very impressive performance...."
    - Andre Firzouger - CNRL Galloway Gas Plant, Edson AB.

“We have installed a Gequip Lube Oil Scrubber Downstream of an Ariel Recip Compressor. I am collecting almost exactly the amount of lube oil that the Ariel Eng. Staff have claimed that the compressor should be injecting for lubrication. We are extremely satisfied."
    - Karl Pischke - Area Foreman for High Pine Oil and Gas, Joffre Gas Plant, August 2005

“We installed a Gequip Lube Oil Scrubber on Interstage of our Recip. Compressor located upstream of our Refrigeration Plant. Our lube oil carry over was contaminating the glycol in our refrigeration process, leaving it difficult to regenerate. After the installation we collected  500 gallons of lube oil every two weeks and our glycol regeneration problems were solved."
    - Brian Tucker - Plant Foreman Shining Bank Energy, Blue Rapids Gas Plant, July 2007

“We have installed a Gequip Lube Oil Scrubber Downstream of Refrigeration to remove any stray glycol before sales. We are collecting substantial amounts and we are very happy with the performance of the Scrubber."
    - John Mazurkewich - Plant Foreman Galleon Energy, Donelly Gas Plant, Sept 2007

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